Our Father’s Word Gives Life Package (6 CDs, Slimline Book)

Offer Expires July 29, 2022



• Knowing God as Your Father, a 4-CD set by Kenneth E. Hagin. Learn how to get to know your Heavenly Father better and experience more peace and joy!

• Winning the War of Words, a 2-CD set by Kenneth W. Hagin. To overcome life’s trials, you must fight the war of words. Victory comes by speaking God’s Word out of your mouth. By learning to speak the Word, you will live a victorious life.

• God’s Peace: Experience It All the Time, a slimline book by Lynette Hagin. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose our peace. However, God promises us peace no matter what is happening around us. People look for peace in many ways, but lasting peace comes only through Jesus Christ.


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