Navigating Life Without Stress (CD)

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Navigating Life Without Stress, A CD by Lynette Hagin. Too many people today suffer from depression and anxiety attacks. Many are burned out from trying to juggle job and family. The good news is, we don’t have to live like that. Jesus died on the cross so we could enjoy a rich, satisfying life. If we’re stressed out, our thoughts are often the culprit. Wrong thinking causes us to be fearful and tear down our self-image. It makes us believe we can never succeed. To experience what God wants for us, we must change the way we think. Lynette Hagin gives us practical advice on how to do that. She shows how meditating on scripture, enjoying a good laugh, and creating a peaceful atmosphere in our homes enables us to triumph over tension and pressure. We can learn how to successfully navigate any stressful situation!


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