Faith Package (6 CDs, Slimine Book)

Offer expires January 31, 2022



Have Faith in God, A CD by Craig W. Hagin. Everyone encounters mountains—seemingly impossible situations—at various times in their lives. Become a sayer and doer of the Word! Jesus gave you the authority to move any mountain in your life. Boldly speak to your situation and believe that what you say will happen. Put your faith in God and let Him do the heavy lifting. Then watch your mountain disappear.

How to Turn Your Faith Loose, A slimline book by Kenneth E. Hagin, Faith must be exercised—released, or turned loose—for it to work! This book explains why confession is the key to faith.

Man’s Impossibility-God’s Possibility, 4 CDs by Kenneth W. Hagin,  In this series you will discover what real faith is, understand how to make it grow, and learn how to operate it for yourself and others. You will see the difference between natural human faith and supernatural God-kind of faith and how to always believe that what God said will happen. With possibility faith, impossibility will be a thing of the past.

The God-Kind of Faith, A CD by Kenneth E. Hagin, Do you want to live in victory? Do you want to live a life of blessing and health? In this classic CD, Kenneth E. Hagin explains that the same faith God used to speak the world into existence, and the same faith Jesus used to command the fig tree to wither, is the faith that is in us today. And this faith cannot fail! When we believe in our hearts and speak out of our mouths what we believe, we can triumph over any situation!


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