Classic Kenneth E. Hagin Package (8 CDs)

Offer expires January 31, 2022



God’s Medicine, A 4 CD series by Kenneth E. Hagin. In this series, Rev. Hagin dispenses God’s Medicine―His anointed Word―as he explores what the Bible teaches on divine healing. Discs include: God’s Medicine, Hear and Be Healed, Healing Scriptures, My Testimony of Healing.

In Him, A 2 CD series by Kenneth E. Hagin. In this In Him series, you will discover: What it means to hold fast to your confession, your rights and privileges in the Name of Jesus, and the keys to unlocking all of God’s provision and promises.

The New Birth, A 2 CD series by Kenneth E. Hagin. In this series, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin explains the necessity of receiving the New Birth. He points out how the New Birth experience enables us to have an intimate relationship with God while we’re on Earth, and because of it, we will be with Him eternally.


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