07A Spiritual Gifts & Realities Package (4 CDs, 1 DVD)

Offer expires August 28, 2020

$53.70 $36.51


How to See Spiritual Gifts Work in Greater Measure, a DVD by Kenneth E. Hagin. Learn three ways to receive greater manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit: (1) learn, (2) desire, and (3) pray. If you want a bold move of God with signs and wonders, stir up your hunger and get ready to experience divine intervention!

• Our New Spiritual Realities, a 3-CD series by Kenneth W. Hagin. Because of Jesus, your midnight hour is over. It’s a new day! A new, exciting, abundant life has opened for you. Don’t hold back. Enjoy your new life in Christ!

Keep the Fire Burning, a CD by Lynette Hagin. Do you feel as though you have lost your passion for God? If so, ask Him to set you on fire. It is never too late to stir yourself up and let the flame of God burn in you again.


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