06A You Got This! Package (Study Guide, Slimline Book, DVD, CD)

Offer expires July 17, 2020

$46.15 $33.69


• Turning Hopeless Situations Around, a DVD by Kenneth E. Hagin. With God, there is no such thing as an impossibility! Learn a lesson from King Hezekiah as he faced a seemingly hopeless situation until God turned everything around.

• Prayer—Volume 1: Steps to Answered Prayer, a book by Kenneth E. Hagin. Follow step-by-step guidelines that assure the believer an answer when faithfully followed.

• The Master Restorer, a slimline book by Kenneth W. Hagin. God is the master restorer. He is looking for messes He can fix, situations He can repair, hearts He can mend, lives He can put back together—things He can change just for you!

• You Are Not of This World, a CD by Kenneth W. Hagin. We don’t have to let Satan, the god of this world, dominate us. We can reign over him and enjoy a life of peace, hope, and victory.


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