06A Forgiving Others Package (2 CDs, Book)

Offer expires September 30, 2022



• The Most Important Message, A 2 CD Series by Kenneth E. Hagin. Does faith really work? Is your faith working in every area of your life? Using sound biblical references and personal testimonies, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin presents the answer to these faith questions in this amazingly simple, yet uncompromisingly powerful CD series. This series illustrates how your relationship with God and the effectiveness of your faith depend on your ability to walk in love and forgiveness.

• Don’t Be Stupid, A book by Craig W. Hagin. Life can be messy sometimes. We’ve all done things that weren’t the best. We’ve all been in some not-so-pretty, pigpen situations. But no matter how bad it gets, the good news is that we don’t have to be stuck in our circumstances! God loves us. And He is able and willing to pick us up and set us on our feet again. Beginning with a unique approach to the story of the prodigal son, Craig W. Hagin encourages us to see ourselves as God sees us. We are not worthless losers! We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus! We have life-changing ability inside us. And it’s time for us to act on the Word and make it a reality in our lives. It’s time for us to stop being stupid, rise up from the mud, and become the champions God created us to be!


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