05D The Legacy Package (Book, CD)

Offer expires August 31, 2021



•  Along the Way: Building a Legacy That Changes Lives, a book by Lynette Hagin. However difficult our personal problems might seem at times, there’s a hurting world out there crying for help. Moment by moment, day by day, we can build a legacy that will draw others to Jesus and change lives.

•  Fuel Your Passion for God, a CD by Lynette Hagin. In this timely message, you will discover how to prepare to be used in the last days. Learn how hungering for the things of God, committing to prayer, and living godly are necessary. Find out what can happen when you “empty” yourself and fill up with the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. God has a specific assignment for you! He wants to stir in you a passion for praying, winning the lost, and seeing lives changed. He wants to use you to bring revival to the uttermost parts of the world. Are you ready


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