05C Touching Your World Package (CD, Slimline Book_

Offer expires August 31, 2021



• How to Grow in Love, a CD by Kenneth W. Hagin.  Through this teaching, Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin shares six things you can do to grow in your love walk. Learn how to guard against a hard heart, speak kind words, live a life of compassion, and be a blessing to others. Tend to the garden of your heart and let the love of God flourish in your life. Watch lives around you open up to their full potential in God!

• The Master Restorer: God Will Do It Again, a slimline book by Kenenth W. Hagin. When the master restorer goes to work, you will see hopeless situations turn around. Afterwards, you won’t even know it was broken! As you close the door to fear and open the door to restoration, you will step into the new things God is ready to do today! Restoration is available for every Christian. It’s not just a one-time act of coming to Christ, but a continual renewal. God is ready to do something new in you! He is the master restorer, and He is here to refresh and revive you.


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