03A Vision: What to Do About Your Future Package (2 Books, 2 CDs)

Offer expires April 9, 2020

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• Called of God, a book by Kenneth W. Hagin. God has called every believer to be a minister of reconciliation in the pulpit or in a supportive role. With Rev. Hagin’s insights from more than 60 years of ministry, Called of God helps you understand your calling and equips you for success!

• God’s Positioning System, a book by Lynette Hagin. In this encouraging book, you will learn to find and follow God’s course for your life. He may take you on the scenic route—past spectacular views or down bumpy back roads. But if you trust Him, you will reach His destination for you with joy!

• The Greater Mentality, a CD by Craig W. Hagin. No matter what we see, there is no problem bigger than the Greater One Who lives inside us. God is with us every step of the way, and He has made a way of escape. It’s time to get the “greater mentality.” With the Lord on our side, we cannot fail!

• Holy Spirit: The Ultimate Best Friend, a CD by Denise Hagin Burns. Our Heavenly Father sent the Third Person of the Trinity to dwell in us for our benefit. Get to know the Holy Spirit as a friend! Gain insight into Who He is and how to take full advantage of the Person—the Advocate, Helper, Comforter, and Strengthener—living on the inside of you!


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